What is an iPhoney?

There's a great deal of talk today about websites being compatible with the up and coming Apple iPhone and their competitors. Large corporations are duplicating their original super sized websites and producing a second website compatible for the iPhone and their competition.

If you are a world industry giant producing a secondary iPhone version of your big multiple-thousand dollar website, then money is no problem.  However, for the countless millions of small and medium businesses it's going to have to be one website as usual, for with them a buck is a buck.

In truth the cell phone industry is peddling full speed ahead in 'making their equipment compatible to the millions of existing websites,' therefore, it may not be necessary 'at all' to construct secondary cell phone websites, as typical new products change far to rapid.

An iPhoney is simply a standard typical website that is constructed no wider than 800 pixels for paramount scanning, has this webpage itself is 780 pix. This simple fact should resolve any worry about being left behind, as the iPhone and their challengers are building for the countless millions who will never have two websites.            

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