Terms of Agreement

Our business is to help, aid and assist individuals and business in creating BEAUTIFUL, FUNCTIONAL and INEXPENSIVE websites and that said ...

They ain't nobody gonna beat our price!

We do not distribute nor do business in anyway with foul, malicious, vulgar, sexual or unclean works but we adhere only to reputable business practices and high standards of personal and family life.

We do not do shopping carts and we do minimal flash.  We are perfect for personal and small to medium businesses.

We are careful to list your SEO or search engine optimization labels ... noting keywords as to precisely who, what, and where you are.  Webpage Title Tags (upper left-hand corner of webpages) will be less than sixty-three characters.  Meta Key Words are precisely what each individual webpage is all about and will be 10 to 15 carefully chosen words.  There's no magic in these but they will group you with your peers or competitors.  Want more attention ... Purchase ads from the search engines or???     

A $299.00 website contains no more than five (5) webpages (800x600 to 1000 pixels) and no more than 300 total website words, and no more than 12 photos.

This $299.00 price includes a website email form, such as ours on this site. We will forward your website email to your existing email, however, this price includes only one website email address. We do not design for iPhones and/or Apps.  However, we can do iPhoney websites. If we keep the pages 800 pixels in width or less, iPhones work very well.

The price includes one singular video. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell potential customers exactly what you can do for them. You must furnish the video clip.    

Our price includes domain name and our budget does not exceed $15.00 plus tax.

Our price includes one (1) full year of hosting with each website we prepare. 

Exception:  Our hosting is bulk, therefore, we cannot allow the general public into our sites.  If you want personal access to your website for the ability to manage, change and or revise, you must purchase your own hosting, we highly recommend GoDaddy.  Learning to do this is elementary at best, however, you must have an HTML program plus an additional FTP program to upload ... we will be happy to recommend programs for this.

We will first establish what you want!  You may select from a number of templates or direct us to a website you like.  You decide what your website will look like and what it will say.  You are the director and we are your crew.  Please, email us messages and photos you want on each identified individual page.  We will help you with every step.  Once we have received payment in full we will place your information on your chosen template, then upload to your selected domain name address.

If you do not have a logo we will be happy to create one for you at no additional charge.

You will be allowed thirty days (30) days from start to make three (3) changes at no additional charge excluding videos.  We recommend patience when it comes to making changes. In other words, carefully read over each page, punching-out each paragraph, accumulating a list of as many desired changes and corrections as you please ... then submit your changes.

Once we begin entering your information there can be no refunds.  

You will be the owner of your website!  After thirty (30) days from upload we will email you your complete file. We will also be happy to work as your webmaster, the fee is $25.00 minimum for minor changes.
Thank you ...

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